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Advanced CySec Orchestration


“Just enough security” is not enough, how fast you detect & respond is the key!

CrossCipher Advanced Security Operation Center (ASOC) leverages best of breed technologies to help organizations get visibility into its attack landscape & minimize cyber risk.

Managed Detection & Response Service

CrossCipher Managed Detection and Response Service (MDRS) is an advanced managed security service that provides threat intelligence, threat hunting, security monitoring, incident analysis, and incident response. This is unlike traditional SOC services who only provide alerts from security monitoring.

Using advanced security analytics on endpoints, user behaviour, application, and network; our MDRS provides deeper detection compared to traditional SOC who rely on rules and signatures. For faster response, CrossCipher MDRS also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to investigate, auto contain threats, and orchestrate a response.

Our Services

your cyber risk

Our ASOC services help minimize cyber risk exposure of mission-critical assets, which is one of the top priorities of organizations embarking on Digital Transformation. It is a huge challenge for organizations to have visibility into their assets as the infra becomes more diverse as they move from on-prem to multi-cloud. We address this challenge by,

Identifying and providing visibility into your critical assets spread across different environments – Onprem, Cloud, SaaS,

Detecting attack vectors proactively before someone exploits them.

User Behavior Analytics (UBA) powered by ML & AI capabilities, a feature of our security intelligence platform, helps detect suspicious internal activities and provide risk score encompassing people, process & technology.

Taking care of responding to ongoing cyberattacks against your organizations, while your IT teams can focus on business-critical projects to meet your business objectives.


It is not about protecting the assets anymore, but how much resilient an organization is against cyberattacks. With some of the most complex attacks such as Ransomware becoming commodity, it is impossible for organizations to stay prevent. Worry not and rest be assured as your IT teams can focus on other business critical projects, while our ASOC takes cares for you in:

Our security experts are continuously watching 24x7 across your environments for any suspicious activities.

We strive to bring down the Mean-time-to-Detect (MTTD) & Mean-time-to-Respond (MTTR) to minutes, which is crucial for organizations become resilient against advance cyberattacks.

Our ASOC will automatically take actions by responding to attacks in real time, by leveraging the power of our SOAR capabilities of our platform.



Not every organization has the luxury to implement mature cybersecurity resiliency systems. It involves huge investment to build one.

We make security affordable to every organization by,

Providing three core pillars of a matured cybersecurity resilience systems – People, Process & Technology.

Removing the burden of managing complex security technologies.

Supplying security experts who work as your extended security teams, and handle the day-day SecOps activities.

Replace huge upfront cost with more affordable capex model billing.


The industries are facing different challenges to meet compliance which are becoming more stringent considering the evolving threat landscape. We help you stay compliant with your regulatory and customer requirements by,

Having in place a mature incident response team in the form of CrossCipher ASOC.

Retaining logs for audit purposes, and forensics.

Including robust asset inventory thereby providing complete visibility into your assets.

Delivering mature ITIL based process in handling day-day SecOps activities.

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